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If you have a group larger than 6 people, including children and infants, we cannot take your tour. Please don’t send a message to ask because the answer will be the same. We have one vehicle that accommodates 6 passengers. We no longer share tours with other driver/guides because the drivers that used to work with us have retired. If you have a large group we suggest that you check the reviews for other Juneau tour companies on TripAdvisor.

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We welcome your questions!  It may take a day or two for us to reply unless your arrival is just a few days away.

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We are limited to using 7 passenger vans until approximately June 13. If you book a date before then for a party of 8 to 11 people and we acquire our new 11 passenger vans before then, we will rebook your party in one vehicle and credit your deposit toward your final fare.
We need the ages so we can determine how many adult or children's fares we will need to book
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