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If you want to know tour availability for a particular date, please click here to go to our Available Dates and Times page.

If the time you want to book your tour is available and you decide to wait to book your tour, it will be available to whoever books the time first, so it may not be available later.

Our tour rates are still be one of Juneau's best tour values. 

When it became too difficult to attempt to operate a taxi company with less than a dozen cabs, I decided to operate a private car service with a limousine permit.  Our vehicle is permitted as a commercial passenger vehicle by the City and Borough of Juneau. 

Please click here for our current tour rates.

I addition to tours, I also provide limousine service with my Cadillac Escalade ESV.  Limousine rates are $100 per hour.

Tour Refund Policy

  • 28 days or more prior to tour date, 100% refund

  • 21 to 27 days prior to tour date, 75% refund

  • 14 to 20 days prior to tour date, 50% refund

  • 13 days or less prior to tour date, no refund

Deposits must be paid within 7 days of booking approval in order to hold your reservation.  We will provide full refunds if your airline flight or cruise ship or ferry arrival is cancelled.

Temsco Helicopters Refund Policy

Temsco provides full refunds if the flight is cancelled due to weather or mechanical problems.

There is a 10 percent charge for cancelling a flight up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight time.  Less than 24 hours prior to your flight, there is no refund.

Yes.  In fact, the Shrine provides a special unloading area for visitors with disabilities, and has wheelchairs available.

Trails at the Shrine are paved, and there is a ramp up to the chapel entrance.

Yes.  Both the trails and the Visitor Center are accessible for visitors in wheelchairs and scooters.  The trails close to the Visitor Center are paved, and the trail to Nugget Falls (3/4 mile each way) is well maintained gravel.  The Visitor Center has an elevator from the trail level to the observation level, and the bear and fish viewing boardwalks along Steep Creek are designed for wheelchairs.

Yes.  We are happy to accommodate passengers with disabilities.

We are able to carry wheelchairs or electric scooters in the back of our vehicles as long as wheelchairs can be collapsed or scooters can have seats removed and steering posts collapsed.

If a member of your party has special needs or disablities, we are used to accommodating them.

Most visitor locations in Juneau are wheelchair and scooter accessible.

We are used to helping passengers with mobility difficulties.  We have folding steps to assist passengers in boarding, and have room in our vehicle to store scooters and wheelchairs.

Our tours are private tours, which means that you won't be sharing the vehicle and driver with anyone else.  Because of that we can customize your tour to your interests, stopping where you want, staying as long as you want, or altering the schedule or itinerary as you wish.

Our tours are private tours, which means that we don't try to fill the car with passengers from different parties.  Our experience is that it often doesn't work well, because passengers from different groups will have completely different interests or schedule priorities.

If you want to put together a group, or add more people to your group up the the capacity of your reserved vehicle, you are welcome to do so, but we won't do it for you (or to you).

Yes.  We try to meet you at your ship at the time you want to start your tour. If you will be taking a tour immediately after your ship arrives, we recommend setting a start time half an hour after your ship's scheduled arrival, except for ships that are anchored and will be lightering passengers ashore.  In that case, we recommend scheduling a start time one hour after arrival.

We ask that you furnish a cell phone number so that we can contact you if there is any problem finding you.

We will furnish information about where to meet us once you have paid your tour deposit.

Our only vehicle is a six passenger Cadillac Escalade ESV, a luxury all wheel drive SUV.  We are no longer using larger vans, and we are no longer booking tours with other drivers. City and state laws and permits require one seat for each passenger, including infants and toddlers. We carry two backless booster seats for children under 48 inches (122 cm) tall or under 75 lbs (34 kg). If you have an infant requiring a safety seat with a back, you will have to bring your own seat.

We urge visitors to book early.  We are a small company, and our tours get booked very quickly.  Our July and August tours for the busiest port days are usually sold out by mid-June.

We're sorry, but no.  We no longer have large vans, just the Escalade.