We pay a 20% commission on bookings by qualified travel agents, subject to the following conditions:


Your agency must be a bona fide travel agency, licensed and permitted to operate as a travel agent in your state, province, or country. Membership in CLIA, ASTA, CCRA, or a national travel agency certification program is required.


Travel agent commissions apply only to tours booked at the full tour rate without any other discounts.

Agent Code

If you qualify for travel agent commissions, Custom Juneau Tours will issue you a travel agent code. You must enter the code in the booking form when booking to obtain the commission.


We only accept payment by credit or debit card. All tours booked by agents must be paid in full, minus the agent commission, in order for bookings to be approved. We will invoice agents by email and the invoice will include the deduction for the agent’s commission. The email will contain a link that will connect you to our card processor’s secure website and pay the invoice. All payments are in US dollars.

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Include information about your agency, including licenses and certifications, how long your have been in business, and any additional information that qualifies you as a bona fide travel agent